How Processing Becomes More Efficient

Moving ingredients from one stage of processing to another effects the speed in which an entire production takes place. It also effects the quality of the final product, the condition of the product when packaged, and the appearance when customers open the packaging. There is a lot more riding on conveyors than meets the eye.

Problems with Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belt systems have the capacity to move large amounts of materials at a fast pace. Many products are taken to packaging via belts. From the belt, the product is dumped into a container in a measured amount and dropped into a container, box, or bag.

During that time, the product is exposed to dust, debris, and other particles in the air. It is also subject to the vibration of the belt that can result in product falling onto the floor or being pushed onto the sides of the machine. This increases the amount of wasted product at the end or the production run, and the mess that has to be cleaned up at the end of each day.

Delicate Ingredients

Delicate ingredients, such as grains, small pieces, and moist components, have to be handled and jostled as little as possible. Going from a conveyor belt into a steaming or mixing vat and then into an open container on the way to packaging results in splitting, crumbling, or broken pieces. This affects the quality and presentation of the finished product when customers get it home.

Several Different Systems

Utilizing different systems to move items from place to place adds a lot of time and money to the operational side of the business. More energy is needed to power up individual systems. More cleaning is required which increases the costs of cleaning supplies and janitorial personnel. There are also many more components to maintain, and more room for things to break down. That effects productivity.

An Efficient Solution

An enclosed cable and tube conveyor system can carry any type of ingredients gently through every stage of processing. Contamination risks are drastically reduced, as are wasted ingredients and the amount of cleaning that has to be done. One custom engineered system cuts down on noise, energy, and production time. Whether a Pet food conveyor or one for frozen fruits is needed, there is a conveyor system that can be created to meet sizing, spacing, and budgeting needs of the business.

One manufacturer, designer, installer, and service provider has been customizing enclosed conveyor systems for forty years, with conveyors in sixty-six countries. Discover how the business can become more efficient and Learn more here.

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